About Me

Words make a difference. Of course they do. We need them to explain our ideas, to engage with others, and to express our deepest longings. The words we choose, the way we arrange them, how we convey them, and to whom can have the effect of opening doors or firmly closing them. 

      I have a deep respect for words, for what they can bring about. I love working with them and with people who want to convey what they care about and wish to accomplish in the world. 

     As a wordsmith, I have seen how written words can create confusion, resentment, even serious mischief if they are used without care. As a dispute resolver, I know well that words—careless or deliberate—can escalate a conflict or lower the temperature and allow people to work out their differences. As a writer, I also know that words can invite, engage, and touch others.

     Words are imperfect tools, but they’re critically important and worth the investment of time and effort. On both a paid and a volunteer basis, I support people and organizations who want to put words to their best and highest use.