Radio & Writing


IDEAS is a CBC Radio One documentary show about contemporary issues. Over the years I have contributed to the following shows. 

The Trouble with Tolerance, a 3-part show, broadcast in 2015 as an “Ideas Classic.” Originally created in 2007, it wrestles with the nature and meaning of tolerance in a diverse society. 

When Families Start Talking, a 2-part show, that looks at the conversations families do and don’t have about money, inheritances, care-giving, death, and other hot-button topics. 

Changing the Workplace that examines what makes organizational change so compelling and why so many deliberate change initiatives fail. 

Dispute Resolution, a show created when alternative dispute resolution was in its infancy. It discusses the ideas behind the techniques and follows the mediation of issues between a chartered bank and one of its customers. 

Published Works 

  • Bypass Court: A Dispute Resolution Handbook, 5th edition (LexisNexis, 2015) 
  • The Corporate Counsel Guide to Dispute Resolution (LexisNexis, 1999) 
  • “Mediating Commercial Disputes: Exchanging 'Power Over' for 'Power With'”, an essay in Rethinking Disputes: The Mediation Alternative (Cavendish Pub. 1997)