Booking is straightforward, whether the mediation is voluntary or mandated under Rule 75.1. Interested counsel or their staff are invited to follow these steps. 

Step 1: Confer with all other counsel on dates mutually convenient to counsel and their clients, as well as a potential location for the mediation. 

Step 2:  E-mail me ( with your preferred dates, using a short form case name like "Jones Estate.”  I will confirm my availability and the date that works for everyone. 

Step 3: As soon as your date is set, please send me relevant case details so I can prepare the necessary paperwork: 

  • The complete names of the parties and the capacity in which they will be participating. 
  • The name and contact information for all counsel (and any unrepresented parties), including their e-mail addresses. 
  • If litigation has been commenced, the Title of Proceedings, Court File Number, and jurisdiction. 
  • A copy of any order(s) governing the mediation under Rule 75.1. 
  • The agreed-upon location which can be the offices of one of the counsel (on consent of the parties) or a neutral location such as a Special Examiner's Office or hotel. (I do not have meeting facilities.) 

Step 4: Upon receipt of relevant case details, I will e-mail counsel the following: 

  • A formal confirmation. 
  • A customized Agreement to Mediate with a fee estimate.