Iguana Books, Spring 2021

Iguana Books, Spring 2021

Advance Praise

To look and to see. Genevieve Chornenki teaches us to see fresh in this wonderful memoir about a serious eye condition. She artfully blinks and shows us her world of love and relationship and wit. She invites us to share her outrage and gratitude, her joy and her fabulous humour. Read this book!”

Kim Echlin, author of Speak, Silence

Don’t Lose Sight shows what happens when power meets persistence. When Genevieve Chornenki, a professional mediator, contends with a medical mistake and the system intended to protect her, she learns not to take events—and herself—too seriously.”

Cinnie Noble, author of Conflict Mastery: Questions to Guide You

Don’t Lose Sight is a gripping and sensitive account of the web of implications and complications that can spread from a retinal detachment, and a clever reflection on the extreme fragility of the superpower that is vision. ”

Russell Smith, author of Blindsided: How Twenty Years of Writing About Booze, Drugs and Sex Ended in the Blink of an Eye

Don’t Lose Sight is a vivid, radiating prism of appreciation about the superpower we take for granted—eyesight. Passionate and persistent, Genevieve Chornenki evinces the truism that vision isn’t the sole purview of the eye. —Jane Christmas, author of Open House: A Life in Thirty-two Moves”

Jane Christmas, author of Open House: A Life in Thirty-two Moves

About the Book

When Genevieve Chornenki escapes a brush with blindness, things never looked better—city pigeons, people, stainless steel pots. But questions about her experience linger: Who was responsible for her close call? Can she safeguard other people’s eyesight? How do our eyes work, anyway, and why do they give so much pleasure? With a newborn baby and a background in dispute resolution, Genevieve sets her sights on answers. The results aren’t always what she went looking for. 

Don't Lose Sight is the author’s quest, pursued with humour, hubris, and tenacity.

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About the Author

Genevieve Chornenki is a dispute resolution consultant and emerging writer based in Toronto, Canada. When she was in grade 4, the teacher noted on her report card, “Has excellent story-writing ability which should be encouraged as much as possible.” No one in the family noticed. Nor did first prize for poetry in high school relieve her of household chores like washing dishes and sweeping the kitchen floor. Eventually, she figured  out that writing is about persistence, not permission. It also helps to have something to say. 

     Genevieve holds a Master of Laws in Alternative Dispute Resolution from Osgoode Hall Law School, a Certificate in Creative Writing from the University of Toronto, and a Certificate in Publishing from Ryerson University. Her works include Bypass Court: A Dispute Resolution Handbook and When Families Start Talking, a CBC Ideas radio documentary.

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