Dispute Resolution


I was an early adopter of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)—ways of resolving disputes without going to court—and have worked in the field since 1989. My services are non-partisan in nature; I don’t take sides in a dispute or advocate for anyone. Nor do I provide legal or financial advice. I only decide outcomes if people who are at an impasse authorize me to make a ruling. 

     As an ADR neutral, I help individuals, businesses, and organizations resolve disputes when litigation is threatened or pending by serving as their 

  • arbitrator/adjudicator 
  • facilitator 
  • mediator 
  • mediator-arbitrator. 

     As an ADR consultant, I help public and private bodies to manage recurring disputes by serving as their 

  • ADR course designer and trainer 
  • independent complaint handler 
  • independent reviewer 
  • ombudsperson 
  • process advisor. 

     As an estate mediator, I conduct both voluntary and court-mandated mediations that help people and their professional advisors resolve matters such as 

  • dependants’ support claims 
  • issues on intestacy 
  • challenges to testamentary capacity 
  • quantum meruit & trust claims 
  • disputes over personal effects. 

     I do not provide services in estate disputes where people do not have legal representation. 


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