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Writing & Teaching

Published Works:

BypassCourt: A Dispute Resolution Handbook

Book - Bypass Court Author(s) Genevieve A. Chornenki & Christine E. Hart
Edition 5th
Publication Date August 2015
Publisher LexisNexis
ISBN 978-0-433-47894-2
Format Softcover
Available Through www.lexisnexis.ca

The Corporate Counsel Guide to Dispute Resolution

  Author(s) Genevieve A. Chornenki & Christine E. Hart
Edition 1st
Publication Date 1999
Canada Law Book LexisNexis
ISBN 0-88804-289-2
Format Softcover
Available Through www.canadalawbook.ca

Mediating Commercial Disputes: Exchanging 'Power Over' for 'Power With',

  Author(s) Essay - Genevieve A. Chornenki
Editor - Julie Macfarlane
Edition 1st
Publication Date 1997
Publisher Routledge-Cavendish
ISBN 9780433462996
Format Hardcover
Available Through Various sources including www.abebooks.com


As an ADR teacher Genevieve Chornenki helps others develop meaningful and relevant competencies. She strives to convey dispute resolution skills and theory in a clear way, using relevant examples and different teaching methods. Her goal is to equip adult learners to think and act confidently, appropriately and creatively in the face of conflict (whatever their role), without the constraints of any particular ideology.

Genevieve Chornenki taught dispute resolution skills and thinking to hundreds of people from all walks of life. In the early 1990's through Generic Mediation Training and The Mediation Academy, she taught many Canadian mediators the basics of civil mediation. It pleases her to see that they have succeeded financially and professionally since then.

Genevieve Chornenki has designed and conducted hundreds of dispute resolution courses and workshops in addition to her volunteer hours as a presenter or panel member in continuing education for peers.

About Genevieve Chornenki, Dispute Resolution Teacher

  • Award winning conflict resolution teacher
    • University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies (2000)
  • 900+ classroom hrs. in public or private settings
  • 1,500-2,000 hours course to design & deliver applied training for dispute resolution programs and personnel
  • Commissions for public & private training such as:
    • The Department of Justice (Canada)
    • Canadian International Trade Tribunal
    • Civil Aviation Tribunal
    • Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan
    • National Judicial Institute
    • York University
    • University of Toronto
    • University of Western Ontario
    • His Highness Prince Aga Khan Shia Imami Ismaili Regional Conciliation and Arbitration Board
      for Ontario

Sample Course & Workshop Titles:

  • Conflict Resolution Analysis & Design
  • ADR Theoretical Perspectives
  • Roster Arbitrator Training & Probation
  • Mediation Fundamentals
  • Advanced Mediation Thinking & Techniques
  • Pre-trial Settlement Skills
  • Intensive Arbitration for Family Lawyers
  • Confidence & Capability in Disputes

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