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Private Coaching

What Is Private Coaching?

Private Coaching is a confidential, one-on-one process that helps you change in professional or personal areas that matter deeply to you. With the help of an objective outsider who listens to what you want to achieve and works collaboratively with you, Private Coaching engages you in new and different ways of "seeing", "doing" and "being" that promote long-term change.

When Does Private Coaching Apply?

Private Coaching applies to any topic or situation where you would like to be different, i.e. more competent, effective, aware, at ease in relation to your area of concern. You identify what matters to you as well as your intended goals.

Private Coaching Examples:

People usually begin with a "coaching topic" and a sense of how they would like to be different in relation to that topic. Here are some of the topics that clients have presented or refined in discussion with Genevieve:

  • Improving my ability to constructively take part in groups
  • Getting clear on what is really meaningful to me personally and professionally
  • Becoming more aware of how co-workers and mangers perceive me
  • Speaking on my own behalf and in my own voice
  • Enhancing my decisions and decision-making process
  • Moving to the next level as a self-employed professional
  • Identifying my priorities as a new stage opens for me

What Happens in Private Coaching?

Genevieve's Private Coaching is informed by the "integral coaching "method and is customized according to each person's context and priorities. As the name suggests, an integral approach takes all parts of you into account - mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and moral - with a view to bringing about long-term change where it matters to you.

Private Coaching entails self-discovery and encourages you to evolve new approaches to your chosen topic instead of continuing to repeat old patterns, responses and reactions. It is a respectful, collaborative process; Genevieve does not impose her notions of what is best for you or purport to give you answers or solutions. As a coach, she offers an outside, objective view and invites you to engage in guided activities that build competencies towards your goals.

What Are The Stages Of Private Coaching?

Private Coaching generally involves these stages:

  • An initial session to discuss your topic, motivations and goals
  • A collaborative follow-up session to confirm a plan for moving from present to future, using words and images that are meaningful to you
  • An iterative process of developing, refining and applying new competencies through:
    • One-on-one coaching conversations
    • Self-observation
    • Customized activities or assignments
    • Personal reflection & insights
    • Feedback, observations & support from your coach
  • A closing session to integrate your new competencies and conclude your Private Coaching

What Does Private Coaching Require Of You?

Private Coaching requires readiness and willingness to be:

  • Committed - to making changes and investing time and effort on your own behalf
  • Available - for coaching conversations and individual activities
  • Motivated - by meaningful reasons that stimulate or inspire you
  • Open - to new approaches, attitudes, activitiesv
  • Responsible - for yourself and your choices

How Does Private Coaching Differ From Conflict Resolution Tutoring?

Both forms of coaching offer new insights and build new competencies, but Conflict Resolution Tutoring is specific and focused towards contentious situations or conflicts with others. This is not necessarily the case in Private Coaching where there may be no obvious conflict and an individual is motivated to change for a range of positive or negative reasons including dissatisfaction with the status quo or mere curiosity and playfulness. Regardless of the topic or context (workplace, family, recreational), clients who come to Private Coaching seek to be different in durable and meaningful ways that meet goals that matter to them.

How Long Does Private Coaching Take?

A minimum of 3 sessions is recommended, but you may want to continue longer depending on how helpful you find the process and how motivated and interested you are in personal growth.

About Genevieve Chornenki, Private Coach

  • 21+ yrs. practical experience
    • Mediator
    • Arbitrator
    • Facilitator
    • Independent complaint handler
    • Contract ombudsman
  • Working knowledge of "personal type"
    • Qualified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • 125 hrs. training in coaching, plus apprenticeship
    • Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals (Coaches Training Institute)
    • Integral Coaching Fundamentals (Integral Coaching Canada)
    • Integral Coaching Foundation & Apprenticeship (Integral Coaching Canada)
    • Conflict Management Coaching Workshop (Cinergy Coaching)
  • Works with people from all walks of life
  • Loves working one-on-one
  • Supports people to make their own discoveries and choices
  • Enjoys helping people appreciate who they are

What Private Coaching Is Not

  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Family, group or couples therapy
  • Career Counseling
  • Consulting
  • Advice-giving
  • Legal advice
  • Legal representation

How do I apply?

Private Coaching is on referral only. Should you wish to engage in Private Coaching, please send Genevieve a short e-mail indicating what brings you to seek assistance and how you hope it will make a difference for you. Be sure to include the name of the person who referred you.