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Estate disputes combine intimate family issues, financial concerns and legal principles. They are usually stressful for the people involved. Genevieve Chornenki respects the personal and emotional aspects of these disputes while encouraging objectivity and compromise in the search for a pragmatic outcome. She has helped dozens of people and their lawyers reach settlements in wills, trusts and estate disputes in both court-mandated and voluntary mediations that involved.

  • Dependants' support claims initiated by siblings, ex-spouses or adult children.
  • Asset management under powers of attorney.
  • Issues on intestacy with a common law spouses, extended family and minors.
  • Will challenges including multiple wills & issues of testamentary capacity.
  • Allegations of undue influence.
  • Quantum meruit & trust claims against estates.
  • Allegations of fraudulent beneficiary designation.
  • Accounting by, and compensation of, estate trustees.
  • Disputes over personal effects and or specific assets (such as the family cottage).
  • Disagreements regarding memorials or burial arrangements.
  • Incapable persons and issues of personal care or property management.
  • Differences of opinion/personality/values between personal representatives such as siblings.

Genevieve is a founding member of The Estate Mediation Group, a virtual assembly of independent mediators who provide non-partisan dispute resolution services in estate matters where litigation is pending, threatened or foreseeable.

Download FileGenevieve's Professional Summary.

Download FileAgreement to Mediate.

How To Book

Whether the mediation is voluntary or mandated under Rule 75.1, interested counsel are invited to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Opposing counsel confer on dates mutually convenient to them and their clients, as well as a potential location for the mediation.
  • Step 2: Consult Genevieve's On-Line Calendar. If your preferred date does not appear, contact Genevieve directly to see if she can accommodate you. View Genevieve's calendar.
  • Step 3: Reserve your chosen date with Genevieve by e-mail or phone using a short form case name like "Jones Estate". Contact Genevieve to reserve.
  • Step 4: When you reserve your date (or shortly thereafter) please send Genevieve relevant case details so she can prepare the necessary paperwork:
    • The complete names of the parties and the capacity in which they will be participating.
    • ii. The name and contact information for all counsel (and any unrepresented parties), include e-mail addresses.
    • iii. If litigation has been commenced, the Title of Proceedings, Court File Number and jurisdiction.
    • iv. A copy of any order(s) governing the mediation under Rule 75.1.
    • v. The agreed-upon location which can be the offices of one of the counsel (on consent of the parties), Genevieve's offices, or another neutral location such as a Special Examiner's Office or hotel.
  • Step 5: Upon receipt of relevant case details, Genevieve will e-mail counsel the following:
    • Formal confirmation.
    • ii. Customized Agreement to Mediate with fee estimate.