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Conflict Resolution Tutoring

What is Conflict Resolution Tutoring?

Conflict Resolution Tutoring is confidential, one-on-one help with situations where you are in conflict with others or involved in the resolution of conflict situations. With the help of an objective outsider who does not take sides, you discuss your situation and examine your perceptions, reactions and conclusions. You learn and rehearse relevant know-how and skills to help you be present and participate in a way that is more effective, confident or appropriate for you.

When Does Conflict Resolution Tutoring apply?

Conflict Resolution Tutoring applies in any contentious situation (no matter what your role) where you would like fresh insights and practical support to improve your thinking, choices, words and actions. Possibilities can be professional or personal. They may include your involvement in meetings, group activities, mediations, family conferences and direct conversations with co workers, friends or relatives.

Tutoring Examples

Here are some situations where Genevieve has provided Conflict Resolution Tutoring:

  • Executor under a will seeking input from beneficiaries on a contentious matter
  • Adult child arranging elder care for a parent
  • New supervisor questioning staff dissatisfaction
  • Arbitrator struggling with personal reactions during a case
  • Mediator wanting skill improvement
  • Tribunal member practising assertiveness
  • "Helicopter" parent questioning role and results

What Happens In Conflict Resolution Tutoring?

Each situation is different and customized to your needs, but in general Genevieve will likely:

  • Provide a structure to identify and explore your situation
  • Listen without judgment or blame
  • Ask questions to promote a deeper understanding on your part
  • Help you think clearly about the situation, the context and the people involved
  • Encourage you to discover what deeply matters to you
  • Facilitate new insights on your behalf
  • Prompt you to identify and refine your priorities
  • Suggest relevant skills and know-how for your situation
  • Allow you to rehearse skills and know-how in a non-threatening environment
  • Provide honest and non-partisan feedback based on your criteria
  • Support you to take an objective, non-judgmental view of yourself
  • Identify patterns or associations not obvious to you
  • Invite you to consider alternative perspectives
  • Let you evaluate options and choose (or reject) any course of conduct

What Does Conflict Resolution Tutoring Require Of You?

Conflict Resolution Tutoring requires you to be:

  • Committed - to making changes and investing time and effort on your own behalf
  • Available - for coaching conversations and individual activities
  • Motivated - by meaningful reasons that stimulate or inspire you
  • Open - to new approaches, attitudes, activities
  • Responsible - for yourself and your choices

How Long Does Conflict Resolution Tutoring Take?

As little as two sessions, but you may want to continue longer in order to develop/refine relevant competencies and build your confidence.

Who Makes Decisions About Your Conflict Situation?

Although Genevieve works collaboratively with you and may introduce skills, concepts, perspectives or options for your consideration, you set your goals & priorities in relation to the situation, evaluate the options and choose (or reject) any particular course of conduct. Genevieve will not make recommendations, intervene with others for you or tell you what to do. The point is to support you to make choices on your own behalf.

About Genevieve Chornenki, Conflict Resolution Tutor

  • Award winning conflict resolution teacher
    • University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies (2000)
  • 21+ yrs. practical experience
    • Mediator
    • Arbitrator
    • Facilitator
    • Independent complaint handler
    • Contract ombudsman
  • 900+ classroom hrs. as a conflict resolution trainer
  • 125 hrs. training in coaching, plus apprenticeship
    • Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals (Coaches Training Institute)
    • Integral Coaching Fundamentals (Integral Coaching Canada)
    • Integral Coaching Foundation & Apprenticeship (Integral Coaching Canada)
    • Conflict Management Coaching Workshop (Cinergy Coaching)
  • Works with people from all walks of life
  • Loves working one-on-one
  • Supports people to make their own discoveries and choices
  • Enjoys helping people appreciate who they are

What Motivates Genevieve To Offer This Service?

As a mediator Genevieve sees how stressful direct conversations can be for people in conflict when they are not prepared and supported. They may say or do things that hurt others and spoil their own chance of success. Or, they may hold themselves back for fear of losing control or making a mistake. Often, they "download old software" and repeat behaviours that are ingrained but ineffective.

Genevieve was motivated to provide Conflict Resolution Tutoring to help people approach these and related situations with greater clarity, confidence and competence. Even if the conflict is not resolved, she wants to enable people to look back on their participation with dignity and self-respect.

What Conflict Resolution Tutoring Is Not

Conflict Resolution Tutoring is not a form of:

  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Family, group or couples therapy
  • Career Counseling
  • Consulting
  • Advice-giving
  • Legal advice
  • Legal representation

How Do I Apply?

Should you wish to engage in Conflict Resolution Tutoring, please send Genevieve a short e-mail indicating what brings you to seek assistance and how you hope it will make a difference for you.